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Hydrafacial Machine

Panoramic optical intelligence Skin detection=10-megapixel high-definition camera + three-spectral sampling technology + eight-dimensional skin measurement Accurate diagnosis 

Through the three-spectrum irradiation of the skin, accurately analyze various skin problems:

♦Natural light: pores / wrinkles / elasticity / texture 

♦Cross-polarized light: stains / capillaries 

♦Ultraviolet light: sebum / bolin / stain

Eight-dimensional skin measurement Accurate diagnosis: Moisture, oil content, roughness, sensitivity, acne, stains, pores, wrinkles.


♦ Multi-device real-time interconnection, mobile APP control 

♦ Face registration, diagnosis result storage cloud 

♦ Comprehensive fixed-point detection, covering 99.9% of the face 

♦ Visual reports to improve the efficiency of interpretation 

♦ Private customized beauty care plan, related products in store

R Gold RF Head

24K gold-plated radio frequency head, fits the skin and helps skin care products absorb it. Focusing on heat energy directly to the bottom of the muscles, it stimulates collagen proliferation and rebuilds the collagen fiber network.

Ion spray gun pen

Nano-level ultra-micro-atomization, decomposing essence and skin care ingredients into nano-level small molecules, penetrates into the bottom of muscles deeply through atomization and penetration technology, and supplements nutrients deeply.

Ion bubble pen

The air pump imported from South Korea has strong suction and can suck out the deep dirt of pores. Combined with the panoramic skin macro detection system, it can clean the pores without dead corners.

High Frequency Spatula 

Ultrasonic 24KHZ-25KHZ high frequency vibration, impact the dirt deep in the pores, remove blackheads, acne, makeup residues and other small dirt off the skin surface without damaging the skin barrier.

Ultrasonic Head 

One million high-frequency ultrasounds per second, reaching a depth of the fascia. Deeply spread skin care ingredients to the bottom of the muscles. Deep diffusion skincare absorption 

Frozen Refrigeration 

Semiconductor refrigeration + air cooling + water cooling technology, can reduce the temperature to-5 degrees, comfortable ice, soothes and repairs sensitive skin, shrinks pores and locks moisture and nutrition.

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