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Dermaroller or treatment is an established skin-needling procedure. It’s a way to rejuvenate your skin by kick-starting collagen production, which creates a healthier look. Dermaroller was first developed to target and reduce scarring; however, as the treatment also increases collagen and elastin in the skin, it’s great for anti-ageing and can be used to reduce stretchmarks.

A small handheld roller is gently rolled over the area of skin you want treated, whether it’s scarred, aged or affected by stretchmarks, to regenerate it. The treated skin responds by producing more natural collagen, which your skin needs to stay firm and regenerate scar tissue. New skin cells are also generated, which enhances the overall structure of your skin. It can take up to about six weeks until you start to see results, so this is a treatment to be patient with

But it’s worth it, as, not only do you get the benefits of new collagen (plump, youthful skin), these Dermaroller treatments also make your skincare products more effective. How? The micro fine holes in your skin made during your treatment allow the active ingredients in your skincare regime to penetrate your skin with ease, increasing their effectiveness. At SkinAura, we love combining skin-needling with DermaQuest Essential B5 Hydrating Serum.

The ‘bigger is better’ argument doesn’t stand with skin-needling. The devices we use, with their 1.5mm needles, achieve the same results that other rollers produce with longer, thicker needles. Don’t compromise on quality, safety or comfort. The needles we use are micro-fine to gently penetrate the uppermost layer of the skin.

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