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About the company

Established by the CEO Fizah Khan, SkinAura is a result of 15 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry.

“I believe coming from a clinic owner background and hearing clients concerns first hand has given me the edge to produce equipment and introduce products to solve the most pressing of clients concerns. Whilst undergoing research into equipment and product offerings that were available at the time and evaluating the treatment on the market, I realised that not one technology or trend could affectively treat Asian, Caucasian, Mixed Race or Afro Caribbean Skin and hair problems.”


After identifying a clear gap in the market and being of an ethnic background herself, Fizah was working closely with Bio engineers, Skilled Doctors and Medical Experts and after years in the making SkinAura Training was born. The name itself has an extra special meaning and being a fundamental part of the ethnic community there is now hope and scientific proof that the equipment and products at SkinAura will not only make a difference in people’s lives but ground-breaking within clinics.

What we do


Offering bespoke and tailormade treatments with products thats are designed especially for Asian, Caucasian, Mixed Race and Afro Caribbean skin and hair problems. The machinery is designed only for SkinAura providing latest modern and safe technologies. Our fully qualified and experienced practitioners are also trained directly by the CEO (Fizah Khan) to make your experience and journey with us at SKINAURA a memorable one.


Offering a complete clinic turnkey business opportunity. We have established business relationships with most of the major daily deal sites, so you can rest assure that from the word go your business will have a client base. To maintain and expand this client base SkinAura has a proven unique client loyalty referral program in place that will grow the business from strength to strength.  


We are proud to be a Skin Group International Partner, together we ensure that every client not only receives the most amazing results but clinics will benefit from outstanding equipment, products and training combined with excellent customer service to ensure their business is a success. When looking to buy, lease or get medically CE approved, non-surgical equipment that you can use in your clinic and on your clients, there’s no better option than SkinAura Training

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